When parents-to-be wonder where they should give birth to their child, a general question arises: Should the child be born in a hospital? Or should the child be born at home or at a birthing house/midwife practice? There are many good reasons for both options. Questions in regard to safety, as well as atmosphere, play a fundamental role. In addition, it is important for many parents-to-be to engage their own visions and wishes in regard to the birth and the initial time with the baby.
This means that every birthing mother should keep in mind under which circumstances she feels she is cared for safely and well, and what role medical care plays.
Requirement for a birth outside a hospital is a normal pregnancy and a healthy mother and child. Risks that speak against a birth outside a hospital, for example, are: multiple pregnancies, breach pregnancies, premature births, or severe metabolic disorders. The evaluation of individual risks and their extent should always be discussed individually and in peace and quiet with your midwife and your physician.

Midwife services for the birth:
Obstetrics in a hospital, documented birth, obstetric care in a birth center or midwifery, home birth, and help in case of a miscarriage or stillbirth

You can find further information on the profession of a midwife and her activities on the website of the Bavarian Association of Midwives.