Breastfeeding counseling

After the postpartum period, you and your child most likely adjusted to breastfeeding. However, during the process of breastfeeding, questions or maybe even problems arise. You might want to know how to manage your work and breastfeeding schedule or when and how your baby should receive the first complementary feeding. The midwife can offer support in case of milk build-up or if the child does not want to eat. How long you want to breastfeed your child is an individual decision that should be decided by you and your child. The numerous positive aspects in regard to breastfeeding justify a longer breastfeeding period. An active, crawling toddler in particular, while extensively exploring the world, profits from the various antibodies that are contained in breast milk. Advantages for the mother also increase with the duration of the breastfeeding period. WHO (World Health Organization) recommends to exclusively breastfeed during the first six months and to continue breastfeeding until the end of the second year of life and longer in combination with suitable complementary feedings. For how long you and your child want to breastfeed – we as midwives gladly provide support.

Midwife services during the breastfeeding period:
Several consultations via telephone and home visits until the end of the breastfeeding period.

You can find further information on the profession of a midwife and her activities on the website of the Bavarian Association of Midwives.