After the baby is born, puerperium begins. Puerperium care through a midwife begins independent of the place of birth and the course of the birth.
The puerperal duration of eight weeks is designed for the physical and psychological recovery from the pregnancy and the birth. It serves the transformation and new orientation and signifies the transition to the reality of being a mother and parent.
Puerperal care through the midwife is very helpful for the new family. This is the reason why health insurance providers assume the costs for visits by the midwife for up to eight weeks after the birth. During the first ten days after the birth, even daily home visits are covered. These services do not depend on where and how the baby was born. Women whose child died before, during, or after birth, are also entitled to puerperal care through a midwife, independent of the reason and week of pregnancy. Midwife services in puerperium

Care of mother and child in the hospital or visits at home during the first eight weeks after the birth. Screening (U1) of the child and postnatal exercises in a Group. guidance and advice regarding the care and nutrition for the baby, guidance and advice while nursing the baby, help with breastfeeding problems, and observation of the puerperal course (which includes retraction of the uterus, navel care, family planning, pelvic floor exercises, etc.)

You can find further information on the profession of a midwife and her activities on the website of the Bavarian Association of Midwives.